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Parenting Time Attorney Serving Washington County Families

Parenting time is a straightforward family law concept: It is the time you get to spend with your child. It is the time when you and your child can connect and be together, typically without the presence of the other parent.

Children Need Two Parents

It is important for parents going through a divorce or a paternity action to realize that, as much as they would like to spend every day with their children, the other parent needs to spend time with the child too. This is crucial to the child's development. For this reason, the court rarely allows one parent to have all the time with the child. That is only an option when there are extenuating circumstances such as a threat to the child's safety.

Determining The Best Parenting Plan

At Windhorse Law, the goal is to work with you to determine the best parenting plan for you and your child. It is critical to not just look at the hours that your child will be in your care, but the quality of those hours. You need to take into consideration hours that you will be at work and hours that your child will be at school.

Oakdale parenting time lawyer Margaret M. Murphy will carefully review the situation and guide you toward a parenting plan that makes sense for you, for the other parent and for the child. If disputes arise, they will be handled with care, without the child being dragged into them. Whenever possible, lines of communication between parents will be kept open and parental relationships preserved, as those are typically what is best for the child.

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To schedule a consultation with an attorney in Oakdale, Minnesota, call 651-447-5991 or send an email. Margaret M. Murphy can help you protect your relationship with your child and allow minimal disruption to your child's life. The law firm's services are available to people in Washington County and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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