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Experienced Divorce Attorney Serving Washington County Families

It is possible. You can have a peaceful divorce.

You can have a divorce in which you will be able to keep a fair share of the property and, more importantly, protect your children and your relationship with your children. You do not have to go to battle, or incur the costs and stress that come with a legal battle. You just need an advocate who can guide you forward, using negotiation and forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. You can find that advocate at Windhorse Law.

Windhorse Law was founded by Oakdale divorce attorney Margaret M. Murphy with a commitment to breathing positive energy into the practice of family law. The law firm will help you reach peaceful resolutions to the main issues in divorce: the children and the property.

The Property

There are many misconceptions about how property is divided in Minnesota. Many people believe that property will be divided equally. That is not necessarily the case, depending on factors such as each spouse's income level. Additionally, property owned prior to the marriage is considered nonmarital property and not subject to division. A lawyer at Windhorse Law will educate you about how property division works.

The Children

Your children come first. The court requires that all decisions pertaining to child custody and child support should be based on the best interest of the children. You want to make certain your children get through the divorce process safe and sound, and you want an attorney who knows the law and knows how to protect children through this difficult process. Windhorse Law is dedicated to doing what is right for the children.

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For help getting through your divorce and being able to face the future with confidence, call 651-447-5991 or send an email to schedule a consultation at Windhorse Law in Oakdale. The law firm's services are available to people in Washington County, St. Paul, Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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