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Child Support Attorney In Oakdale, Minnesota

Child support disputes are always one of the thorniest issues for divorced couples. Each party wants the decision to be fair but what does that mean? In Minnesota we use a calculation that calculates what the law deems fair. When that calculation isn't fair is when you need a lawyer who will look at all of the components and demonstrate to the court why it is not fair and what a better structure would be.

At Windhorse Law, lawyer Margaret M. Murphy excels at helping parents forge agreements that protect their children's needs, legal rights and best interests but also work for the parents. From her office in Oakdale, Minnesota, Margaret M. Murphy helps clients deal with child support modifications, enforcement and negotiating fair payments.

Helping You Understand Child Support Payments

Here in Minnesota, as in most other states, child support obligations are determined according to a formula according to each parent's income and the needs of the child. 

It is inevitable in many cases that one parent will always think he or she is paying too much and the other believes that he or she is receiving too little. Margaret Murphy will help you look at the needs of your children and figure out what is right, and just, for you.

If anyone's situation changes, such as one parent receiving a large raise or being laid off, Margaret M. Murphy can also help him or her pursue a modification. She will take the time to explain how child support payments are calculated and what is the best way for you to receive a modification.

Contact A Lawyer Who Will Guide You Through The Process

For any questions about the child support process, you can schedule a consultation at Windhorse Law in Oakdale. Call the firm at 651-447-5991 or reach out via email to find out why clients throughout Washington County and the Twin Cities area turn to Margaret M. Murphy for help finding positive solutions.

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