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Mediation Attorney For Divorcing Washington County Clients

If you are like most people, you simply want your divorce to be fair. You know that you may have to fight for fairness, but you want to avoid a fight if at all possible. You do not want the divorce to be detrimental to your children. You want to minimize stress and cost. Divorce mediation is a valuable option for reaching an amicable resolution.

Attorney Margaret M. Murphy of Windhorse Law in Oakdale, Minnesota, is a trained mediator. She will educate you about the various options for resolving your divorce, letting you know specifically how mediation may benefit you.

A Healthier Divorce Option

Mediation allows divorcing spouses to work together to reach a resolution. It allows for lines of communication between parents to remain open, creating the building blocks of a new parenting relationship that will be critical to the upbringing of the children, if there are children involved. Furthermore, it takes the power out of the hands of a judge, whose decision is not guaranteed to work for anyone involved, and puts it back in the hands of the divorcing spouses. You will have control over the outcome of your case.

In addition to minimizing the impact a divorce has on the child and maintaining power over the outcome, benefits of mediation include potential cost and time-savings. Going to trial to have a judge decide an outcome is expensive, and that expense can be avoided through mediation. Divorce litigation can be very time-consuming, and mediation can streamline the process.

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To schedule a consultation with a lawyer in Oakdale, Minnesota, call 651-447-5991 or send an email. Attorney Margaret M. Murphy will be able to help you figure out if mediation is a good fit for you and your spouse's divorce.

The law firm's services are available to people in St. Paul, Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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