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Estate Planning Solutions For Oakdale And Washington County Families

For many people, thinking about the future and what would happen to their assets is hard. Making these important decisions now, however, can save your family a great deal of stress down the line.

At Windhorse Law in Oakdale, Minnesota, estate planning lawyer Margaret M. Murphy understands how difficult a subject estate planning is for many of her clients. That is why she takes the time to sit down with her clients and walk them through the entire process, helping them understand the effects of each decision and what it will mean for their beneficiaries.

Providing You Informed Legal Guidance

Windhorse Law offers a wide range of estate planning services, which can help you ensure that all of your wishes are respected. Questions such as who will take care of your children, who gets your house, and more will be answered. These tools include:

  • Wills and trusts, which spell out who will receive which assets and if there are any special conditions placed on any beneficiaries to receive something.
  • Powers of attorney, which can designate someone to make important health care and financial decisions on your behalf if you cannot.
  • Living trusts, also known as "advance directives," communicate your wishes for your health care and end-of-life care if you cannot personally communicate them to your doctor.

By creating a strong estate plan now, you will be in control of the process, instead of leaving the fate of your assets in the hands of a probate judge. This will also decrease the chances of family members and other beneficiaries disputing your wishes.

Contact Windhorse Law Today

As a client of Windhorse Law, you will benefit from working with an experienced lawyer who has helped families throughout Washington County and the Twin Cities area find positive solutions for difficult legal questions.

To schedule a consultation at the firm's office in Oakdale, call 651-447-5991 or send an email.

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